Band Lineup

Tropidelic (Funk, Reggae, Rock)

The six-piece band from Cleveland, Ohio may be far from any tropical islands but that doesn't stop them from dishing out an interesting mix of reggae, hip - hop and high energy funk for audiences across the country. Tropidelic has a deep and widespread appreciation for music that can be heard in each note. Some of the members are hip-hop heads, while others are into metal, funk or reggae. But each of these genres lends something to their collective sound. “We pride ourselves in being original in our musicality and personality as a band,” says Roads, “but also in not taking ourselves so seriously that it ruins the fun.”

Bumpin Uglies
Bumpin Uglies (Ska, Punk, Reggae)

For nearly a decade now, Bumpin Uglies have been playing their brand of groove-heavy jams – a curiously fun mix of ska, Reggae and good ole’ punk rock – all while putting strong lyrics at the forefront of the music. It’s a formula that quickly took them from local favorites, playing around Annapolis, to a national stage. With a wildly infectious sound, tattoo-worthy lyrics and an itch to take their music to the masses, the band piled into the van years ago and have rarely seen home since.

Vibe & Direct
Vibe & Direct (Jam, Electronic, Dance)

3-piece powerhouse Vibe & Direct is an ever-evolving musical fusion, landing somewhere on the spectrum between rock, dance and electronic music. The trio performs with a rhythmic pulse, known for their dynamic dance parties and smiling faces. The boys released their debut EP – Psychadelevator - in 2013, followed by their second EP - Lavish Peasant - in October of 2015. They released their first full-length album - Chrysanthemum - in February of 2017.

Sun-Dried Vibes
Sun-Dried Vibes (Reggae, Rock, Funk)

Sun-Dried Vibes provide a fresh twist to the reggae/rock genre with their high-energy live performances that crank out infectious sing-a-longs laced with a positive message. SDV will be heard, since their inception the group has played around 275 dates a year. The trio of road warriors quickly became a festival favorite with two full length albums under their belt and a long list of tour history that grabbed fans from all demographics. In 2014 one of the most progressive promoters in the world took notice and added SDV to the major festival 'California Roots: Carolina Sessions' sharing the bill with the Rebelution, Matisyahu, Collie Buddz, Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad, Katchafire and more in Wilmington, NC.

Treehouse! (Reggae, Jam, Rock)

American Reggae Jam Rock band TreeHouse! performs hundreds of shows a year throughout the country, introducing established reggae and jam band scenes to a brand new fusion of sounds. These road warriors have shared the stage with top names and international acts in both genres, including 311, Dirty Heads, Steel Pulse, SOJA, Pepper, Tauk, Kung Fu, The Mantras, The Wailers, Tribal Seeds, Passafire, and more.

Pasadena (Folky, Rock, Reggae)

MOver the past few years Pasadena has provided smooth bass lines, emotional lyrics, intricate rhythms, and beautiful harmonies that have helped create an unbreakable bond with their fans. Pasadena believes in freedom of expression and by composing and performing their original music they liberate themselves from any struggle or conflicts they may face. Thanks to the heart and soul poured into each and every song, Pasadena’s music has inspired an ever-growing fan base.

Of Good Nature
Of Good Nature (Rock, Reggae, Funk)

Of Good Nature is an indie rock-reggae five piece that was formed in Charlotte, NC in 2011 by front-man, guitarist Cameron Brown and drummer, percussionist Joey Vachon. Coming up in the thriving music scene in the Queen City has been vital to the band’s early success, as well as the blending of rich musical styles which transcends foundations of rock-reggae to progressive instrumentals of funk and rock n’ roll.

Elementree Livity Project
Elementree Livity Project(Reggae, Rock, Jam)

Elementree Livity Project has created a recipe for success based on one goal. That goal is simple; to bring the message of Livity to the masses by spreading positive vibes; a message of peace, harmony, & acceptance for all people. It is a message of love & understanding for all. Since taking the stage by storm in 2013, ELP has carved out a space all their own with their whirlwind grooves, electric leads, and thundering bass lines. Already, they have shared the stage with artists like Shaggy, The Original Wailers, MAGIC!, Fortunate Youth, and The Revivalists to name just a few. After every storm, the sun will shine and the future of ELP is looking bright!

Quasi Kings
Quasi Kings (Reggae)

Formed in Columbus, OH in Spring 2016, The Quasi Kings (formerly the Turkish Royals) are quickly gaining momentum in the Ohio and Midwest reggae scenes. Their unique blend of roots reggae with modern styles puts an emphasis on songwriting and vocal harmonies and has led to opening slots for the likes of Third World, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Spiritual Rez, Sun Dried Vibes, Bumpin' Uglies, The Ark Band and more. With a high energy stage show and an ever growing performance schedule, 2017 looks to be a big year for The Quasi Kings.

Drunken Sunday
Drunken Sunday (Soul, Rock, Reggae)

Drunken Sunday takes the standard hard rock formula, melts it down with the heat of reggae/funk fusion, infuses it with spiraling jam band grooves and seasons it with sultry soul for a sound that’s uniquely powerful, driving, intense and danceable.

Zoo Trippin'
Zoo Trippin' (Blues, Rock, Funk)

Zoo Trippin' was founded in 2014 when Lynn Roose III and Tony Casa started a new project with Steve Hatmaker and Austin Smith. Shortly after the 4 piece picked up Drew Dimitrovski on rhythm guitar. After being a band for about a year, the group rounded out its cast by adding singer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist Jeff Straw on keys.

Hough Crowd
Hough Crowd (Rap, Hip Hop)

Hough Crowd is a music label and proud family of musicians who came together from all over Cleveland, to a house in the Hough Neighborhood. It all started with our "Dolphin Waterslide" videos (Hough Crowd's Youtube moniker) and hasn't stopped since. Although we all moved away from the Hough neighborhood, we hold onto the name because of the place it has in each of our hearts. It's where we came together to start a musical empire, without even knowing it, and its where the Hough Crowd dream was born.

Derlee (Chill, Hop, Soul)

Born and raised in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan area, Derlee’s take on music very much embodies that of the region in which he hails. A region that takes great pride in its hard-working Blue Collar roots, as well as its transformation to a present-day leader in innovation. Derlee’s brand of “Chill-Hop/Soul” is a seamless blend of sample-based music, reminiscent of a much simpler time, meticulously woven together with smooth melodies and contemporary Hip-Hop/Electronica. As heartfelt as it is optimistic and forward-thinking, its honesty is evident by an abundance of soul. In a time where beatmakers come aplenty and success is often measured by instant gratification through the social masses, Derlee strives to stay true to his sound as well as perpetuate his creative expression through his uplifting brand of electronic music.

Duckii (Electronica)

I'm calm on the surface but underneath i'm kicking my legs just to stay afloat.

The Intantgables
The Intangables (Psychedlic, Experimental, Rock)

SOMETIMES SEXY. SOMETIMES EERIE, ALWAYS SHOCKING. The Intangibles bring sweaty, original Rock n' Roll to the Ohio music scene and beyond. Originating in Massillon, Ohio in 2013, the uniqueness of their sound can only be matched by the intensity of their stage performance. Front-man Charlie 6er delivers an emotional performance through his zombie-Hendrix guitar style, thought-provoking lyrics, flute and dance. The "never know what hell you're going to get" drumming style of K.J. Herring drives the metal induced, funk grooves of bassist Blake Oaks and the enchanting melodies of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Aaron Perez-Strohmeyer. The Intangibles are untouchable, though intensely felt.

Stimpys-Revenge (Improvisational, Funk, Dance)

We're just three guys who love to play music and entertain people. We are from Massillon, but will play just about anywhere. We play at bars, clubs, parties, and weddings. We have a great passion for what we do and hope to make it somewhere in the future.

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